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Attila Technologies, LLC

Patented SaaS mobile frequency sharing platform.

Commerce Drivers/Lightning Buy

Unified platform for e-commerce payments.

Deets, Inc.

pre-Slack mobile communications messaging entrant.

Digital Equipment Corp. (Aquired by HP, Inc.)

Leading vendor of mini-computer systems (PDP).


The Equitable Insurance Companies (AXA)

Leading life and health insurer.


EUR Systems, Inc. (Aquired by Intec Telecom Systems plc)

Telecom billing and management services.

France Telecom (acquired by Orange)

National carrier of France.

GTE Mobile Communications/
Telenet (Aquired by verizon)

Mobile telecommunications carrier.


i3 Mobile, Inc.

(Acquired by Ventraq, inc.)

Real time mobile information data provider.


InfoVest, Inc.

Leading venture capital firm.

ITDS, Inc. (Aquired by AMDOCS)


Telecom payments and mediation services.

Koolspan, Inc.

Secure communications for smartphones.

The McGraw-Hill Companies

Leading construction and financial data information provider.

MEA Mobile

Designer and developer of mobile applications.

Mobile Sense Technologies, Inc.

Patented wireless, non-adhesive, waterproof ECG monitor system.

Network Control Corporation

Vendor of non-intrusive telecom testing systems.

Polaris Wireless, Inc.

Global leader in non-GPS location determination systems.

PTT Telecom (Netherlands) B.V.

Deregulated national carrier of Holland.

Satellite Business Network

Consulting Services to space technology market.

Stonehouse Technologies (Aquired by Symphony Services)

Provides product outsourcing services for telecomunications  companies.

SIS International, Inc.

Global market research company providing competitive advantage through custom research and strategy solutions.

StreamScape, LLC.


A leader in real-time decisionware.

Tangen Biosciences, LLC.

A product development company specializing in medical instruments that provide rapid nucleic acid detection.

Telerate, Inc. (Aquired by Dow Jones, Bridge Systems, Tthomson Reuters)

Worlds first wireless money market and FX quotation service.



TIGON Corporation (Ameritech, Octel, Lucent)

World's first voice messaging service bureau.

Track 180, LLC (Kazark)

A search and discovery engine aiming to make searching for information easier and more interactive.

Trident Capital


Venture Capital firm focused on investing in information, business and cybersecurity services.

TRW information Systems, group (Aquired by Experian)

One of the three credit reporting bureaus in the United States.

Wave Systems Corporation

Pioneer in digital graphics for television.

Wirelution Inc. Limited

First privately funded mobile data venture on Monternet, China Mobile's internet portal.

Wymsical, LLC

Provider of virtual document vault network for cyber and fraud protection.

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