Transactions Marketing, Inc.

Billing/OSS Re-Structure


The client is a profitable, 30 year old, closely held $35 million annual sales service bureau in the telecommunications billing and customer care market.

Re-structure the firm to permit billing, OSS and customer care for high-speed data, Internet access, e-commerce and wireless services, including development of competitive analysis, market research, positioning, business model, marketing strategy and business plan to support a CLEC/DLEC division and recommendation of the personnel, IT and financial changes needed to implement plan.

Firm introduced new positioning at Ascent (TRA) in November 2000. TMI conducted 12 hours of in-depth interviews with existing customers to understand company strengths and weaknesses and customer requirements. Assessed third party vertical market data and competitive positioning, identifying in-depth knowledge of ILEC compliance and regulatory procedures as critical success factor. Re-positioned company as an expert in transactions-based billing suitable for high growth markets, a proven performer with excellent back-up systems, a history of customers with multi-year contract renewals, a track record of low un-collectibles and expertise in ILEC compliance and procedures. Initial implementation resulted in retention of several customers with growing CLECs, increased customer service staff, accelerated technical training, recast project management and systems procedures and new financial accounts tracking contribution by customer function.


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