Transactions Marketing, Inc.

Voice Messaging Service


The client was the world's first voice messaging service bureau. Sales to Fortune 500 customers were generating cash flow, but no profit. Multiple programs to reach target mid-sized companies had failed. With venture backers growing anxious and a national switching network to amortize, the client needed rapid improvement in prospect identification, lead qualification and applications selling techniques.


  1. Identify improved applications selling techniques through assessment of current customer satisfaction;
  2. Improve lead qualification through better understanding of prospective customers business communications issues;
  3. Develop better prospect identification methods through evaluation of low usage and discontinued accounts.


  1. Identified and implemented 6 new applications selling concepts, 4 new lead qualification techniques and 2 new prospect identification methods.
  2. A new advertising and publicity campaign was developed incorporating testimonials and success stories to capitalize on the extraordinarily high degree of customer satisfaction revealed in TMI focus groups.
  3. An 800 number was added to increase key prospect response to promotional programs.
  4. An existing trial program was eliminated, improving cash flow and stimulating new customer usage.
  5. Profitability was quickly attained and the firm sold within a year to a Bell operating company.


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