Transactions Marketing


* Turn-key management of business-to-business digital commerce ventures: start-up, pilot, product launch, beta test, early growth stage marketing, first round institutional funding.

* Re-structure of business-to-business services for digital commerce.

* Due diligence for corporations and venture capital firms evaluating investments in digital commerce.

* Competitive assessment for digital commerce implementation.

Vertical Markets:
* Telecommunications * Information services * Financial services * Logistics

Types of Ventures Managed:
* Document transmission * Interactive data bases * Internet services management * Videotex * Network management systems * Voice messaging * Enhanced telephone services * Imaging Remote Metering * Billing management * Encryption systems * Paging * Transactions processing (credit cards and financial quotations)

Types of Media:
WIRELINE: LANs, packet-switched, broadband WANS, VPNs. 
WIRELESS: satellite, digital cellular, CDPD, mobile IP, infared, VBI, FM sub-carrier.

How TMI Works:

TMI acts as a project manager for in-place client teams or utilizes expert partners to execute specific tasks under sub-contract. TMI engages as sub-contractors only those firms with prior experience in business information systems. By drawing only on proven professionals, TMI is able to deliver the highest quality of services to projects where on time, on specification and on budget performance is critical.

Transactions Marketing, Inc. was incorporated in Connecticut in 1984. It is the successor firm to a sole proprietorship formed in 1982.


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