Transactions Marketing


Why Transactions Marketing, Inc.?

1. TMI has focused exclusively on the launch of mission critical, real time, interactive, business-to-business digital commerce ventures for nearly 20 years, including applications on X.25 and satellite networks, as well as IP and wireless data networks.

2. TMI is vendor, operating system, air interface and platform neutral, serving digital commerce ventures in both wired and wireless software, services and systems.

3. TMI is a specialist in launching both wired and wireless greenfield ventures (new market, new service, or new technology, often all three ) and has managed 18 such projects for North American, Asian and European clients.

4. TMI has years of experience solving online start-up and product launch problems and can hit the ground running. TMI clients pay only for execution, not for someone's learning curve in digital commerce.

5.TMI's principal has over 25 years of management experience in complex online, real-time projects ranging from global shipboard satellite communications to financial quotations systems.

6. Unique among her competitors, TMI's principal functions as on-site project manager for a client. Competitors assign younger, less experienced staff members to the client site while senior management concentrates on sales and administration. With Brenda Lewis, a client gets a seasoned senior manager to lead and/or create teams to accomplish the client's objectives.

7. TMI utilizes a proven methodology to create client positioning, marketing strategies and development programs resulting in sustainable, profitable digital commerce businesses.

8. TMI works in Internet time, with as few as 90 days from contract to completion.

9. TMI has a track record of success in high tech project management:

· Tigon implemented the marketing strategy created by TMI to break through to profitability
and a buyout within one year by Ameritech.

Telerate was able to retain exclusive marketing rights to launch a wireless handheld service (PDQ) in a US $2.4 million contract completed in 6 months with TMI managing an in-house team of twenty employees.

10. Brenda Lewis is a high energy professional, able to organize resources, maintain schedules and achieve goals with minimal staff support in chaotic, high pressure environments. On a turnkey basis, she can focus on marketing, business strategy and infrastructure solutions, freeing client senior management to concentrate on personnel, fiduciary relationships, capital formation, and policy development.


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